Upper Lawrenceville

Upper Lawrenceville is one of three neighborhoods that makes up the greater Lawrenceville area. The north part of the neighborhood is mainly industrial space along the Allegheny River. Butler St. (a main corridor in the greater Lawrenceville area) in Upper Lawrenceville has an assortment of galleries, bars/restaurants and other small businesses. South of Butler St., the neighborhood is mainly composed of quiet streets of rowhouses that line a pretty steep (maybe not by PGH standards) hill.

pusadee’s garden

Without question, the best dish that I’ve had in Pittsburgh was at Pusadee’s Garden on Butler St. There is no close second. The dish was their pumpkin curry with chicken, kabocha squash, bell pepper and mushrooms. Unparalleled, even in a city with some pretty good Thai options.

The food is stupid good, but the outdoor setting, BYOB, and garden (pusadee’s) where many of the herbs and vegetables come from, make this place one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to in my life.

prism stained glass

Prism Stained Glass on Butler St. does custom work and restores older pieces. Their store front is a pretty incredible mosaic.

upper lawrenceville streets

The residential part of Upper Lawrenceville is a loose grid of alleys and streets that lie on a steep hill.


Word on the street is that Geno’s has trivia on Tuesday nights, the same night that ALL MICROBREWS ARE $2.50. Put it on the list.

carnegie st. is killing it

Great rowhouses on a stretch of Carnegie St.

nied’s famous fish sandwich

Nied’s Hotel is a Pittsburgh institution. The building and restaurant have been in the Nied family for over 70 years. I took the suggestion of the giant neon sign and ordered the fish sandwich.

One big fish sandwich

pork pun

Lawrenceville is known for it’s vibrant arts community and it’s wide range of quirky independent businesses. Upper Lawrenceville is home to several: Fresh Heirlooms has handmade furniture from reclaimed materials. Slaughterhouse Gallery rents studio space and is home to Jones Furniture Designs. And what goes best with all this local art? Pork products, of course. Luckily, Foster’s Meats has you covered with homemade bacon.

parting shot-upper lawrenceville


3 Responses to Upper Lawrenceville

  1. Dave says:

    The pumpkin curry at Smiling Banana Leaf is better!

  2. chris says:

    Upper Lawrenceville is not nice it a straight up hood i should know i lived here all my live their drugs an gangbanger down lawreceville

  3. mousey_loc412 says:

    lmfao at chris…lawrenceville is white trash dope snaps tryin to b hood, lol smh at u, come round tha evil east, garfeild to wilkinsburgh east hills included..swissvale rankin n braddock and mckessport, them is some real hoods. im waiting for her to to the tour of my hood, homewood. born n raised on race street…..u need a body guard while taking ur flix hit me up ill also show u a couple places to get some good history

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