Troy Hill

Troy Hill is a long, narrow neighborhood that mostly sits on a hill overlooking the Allegheny River. The southern portion of the neighborhood lies alongside the river and is mainly industrial space and the old Heinz factory (and adjoining trendy lofts.) Up on the hill, the neighborhood is composed of brick and frame rowhouses that surround a quiet main street area. Parks, churches and spectacular views abound.


The old Heinz factory sits on the bank of the Allegheny River. The factory has been there for 120 years. Below, the Heinz Lofts occupy old warehouse and factory space.

lowrie street

Lowrie Street acts as Troy Hill’s main street. Troy Hill has a small-town feel to it; sans the wild views of dahntahn pgh, you’d never think you were in the city. I never would have thought of this myself, but after reading this awesome Troy Hill blog, it totally makes sense: “Troy Hill has the look and feel of an old European village, a hallmark of the early German settlers who lived here.”

Nice mural on Lowrie
Very appropriately named bar on Lowrie

view from the hill

And what great views they are:

voegtly cemetery

Another cool view from Troy Hill (the UPMC building is in the distant background)

But the view is not the coolest part about Voegtly Cemetery. In 1987, the city was beginning highway construction along East Ohio St. A backhoe was going about its business when it started to unearth strange looking material: human bone fragments. A temporary halting of the construction allowed a team of researchers to find the remains of 727 people. The remains now rest on Troy Hill with proper headstones. Read the whole bizarre story here.

troy hill homes

Troy Hill is full of beautiful turn of the century (and older) homes. A couple examples:

mean streets (for a cyclist) of troy hill

Troy Hill, as you may have guessed, is a hill. The streets atop the hill are often long and narrow (a la photo 2) and the streets that lead up from the river valley are steep and hard as hell to bike up (photo 1).

I got into Troy Hill by taking Rialto St from East Ohio. I tried to be a hard-ass and bike up but that ended about 4 seconds later. Turns out that there actually ARE hard-asses out there who can tame this beast.

saint anthony’s chapel

This is bananas. Saint Anthony’s Chapel features 4,000-5,000 religious relics, making it the largest collection outside of the Vatican. I didn’t make it inside, but here’s what I missed: mad relics

parting shots-troy hill: saint nicholas church

Sitting vacant along East Ohio St, the Saint Nicholas Church has been the subject of much controversy. I thought I’d swing by and take a picture or two of the beautiful 110-year old building, but one of the doors was propped open. Hmmmm…

More shots of the chuch


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