Stanton Heights

Stanton Heights is a quiet neighborhood situated between Morningside and Upper Lawrenceville. Stanton Heights is one of those neighborhoods that would probably be great to live in, or raise a kid in; quiet streets and little traffic, a park or a field here or there. Stanton Heights, however, is not one of those neighborhoods that’s super-interesting to bike through or write about- the neighborhood is only about 50 years old, which severely limits the architectural richness that defines most other PGH neighborhoods. There’s also no business district, or business at all, really, save for a couple of auto shops on the neighborhood’s northern limit along the south side of a stretch of Butler Ave. But it’s a neighborhood nonetheless and has it’s own role among Pittsburgh’s ninety.

view from stanton heights

The western part of Stanton Heights is tucked away on a cliff, almost forming a sub-neighborhood; the houses there show a bit more variety and have great views of Downtown and the Strip.

obviously, you’re not a golfer

Until the 1950s, a huge chunk of what is now the neighborhood of Stanton Heights was the Stanton Heights Golf Course, part of a private country club that was the largest private course in the city. Take a look at this map:

My guess, though I’m not sure, is that the chunk in the middle, where the streets are not on situated in grid patterns, was the golf course. Kinda looks like a golf course, no?

brick house

Most of the houses in Stanton Heights were built in the late 1950s and early 1960s. One or two-level simple brick homes are king here.

bikers beware: christopher street

This street is a long and twisting beast and it’s one of the only ways to get to Stanton Heights from the flats along the Allegheny.

slovenski dom

This building was erected in 1910 as a gathering place for Slovenian immigrants. Apparently, the building had a bowling alley, bar and dance hall and was quite active into the 1970s. The building was closed quite a while back; in the early 2000s, there was talk of reopening the building as a skateboard arena.

parting shot: stanton heights

Stanton Heights seems like the kind of neighborhood that is quite content with existing under the radar and letting the nearby neighborhoods of Lawrenceville, East Liberty, Bloomfield et al make the news and draw the crowds. This makes it all the more tragic that the neighborhood was the site of one of Pittsburgh’s darkest days.

A little over a year ago, three Pittsburgh police officers were killed during a standoff with a heavily armed 22-yr-old shooter who had barricaded himself inside of his house on Stanton Heights’ Fairfield Street.

I wasn’t living in the city at the time but I remember hearing about the shooting on national news. As far as I can tell, Stanton Heights doesn’t make the news for anything else; it’s a shame that such an otherwise peaceful neighborhood will forever be associated with such a terrible crime.


3 Responses to Stanton Heights

  1. butch says:

    A great place to grow up in the 40’s and 50’s The Feather merchants,Stanton heights Golf CourseOld Sunnyside school Finks, Heinrichers and Mandels stores, old # 36 fire house the caves .DiCaprios farms,the Indian Springs ,McCloskys horses,The Stanton Heights Football team
    s Butch,Bummy,Oke,Tommy,Andy,Dave,Bunny and many others

  2. Colleen says:

    I grew up here in the 50’s and we ran wild…spending lots of time in the woods…sunnyside school ground in the summer had fun filled events and soft ball.. It was a good time to grow up in this area…we went home when the street lights came on..felt safe…followed the rag man to the firehouse..(who rode around in a horse and buggy…collecting odds and ends).When we reached the firehouse, we got a bottle of pop, and sat on the firehouse wall chatting away. We jump roped,played tag,red rover,road our bikes everywhere,roller skated,played Barbie, climbed more trees….had picnics in the woods…made our own go carts..walked to the penny candy store…waited for “Pete” the ice cream man..or Mr Softie, Snow balls fights…made cars from piles of leaves…I have mostly happy memories growing up in this area…my parents bought our house in the late 40’s for 6,000 dollars…it had a coal cellar and a nice back yard.

  3. Coleen says:

    My mom, Ginger, grew up here. Great place to visit and explore. Loved the steps!!

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