South Oakland

Oakland is often referred to as Pittsburgh’s ‘second-downtown.’ Turns out it’s the third biggest ‘downtown area’ in the state of Pennsylvania behind Philly’s Center City and, well, Pittsburgh’s real downtown. Luckily for me, Oakland is split up into four neighborhoods. Today, I went to South Oakland.

south oakland streets

South Oakland seems like the quieter counterpart to the other areas of Oakland. Mostly residential streets with barely any of the bars/restaurants/cultural attractions/businesses that give the other parts of Oakland it’s downtown feel. Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning, perhaps the iconic symbol of Oakland, is massive. And visible from many parts of South Oakland.

south oakland’s famous folks

Left: Andy Warhol’s childhood home. Right: Andy Warhol’s childhood home to Andy Warhol

Typical street in South Oakland until you consider that Dan Marino used to chuck foosballs down it.

And of course, a tour of South Oakland’s famous folks wouldn’t be complete without a shot of Magee Women’s Hospital, where Les (my bout it girlfriend) was brought into this world.

nice mini-mural

schenley park

Schenley Park borders South Oakland, as seen behind this awesome creepy house.

cole was on the ball

sestili nursery

If you’re looking for the ever elusive Jerusalem Tulip, South Oakland is the place for you. Sestili Nursery has apparently been in business for over 50 years and they stock your average shrubs and trees along with rarer species and vegetables.

parting shots-south oakland:old lamar advertising building

Towards the western end of South Oakland, near the 376 highway, there’s an abandoned building that used to house Lamar Advertising’s regional headquarters. The building sits on a lot where 35,000-40,000 cars pass everyday and receive their first, or last, impression of Oakland. The building would be an eyesore if it wasn’t so damn pretty. You can’t really make it out from the picture, but in the top right corner, it looks like Shepard Fairey got his hands on the building at some point.

Take a look inside that billy


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