Mount Oliver

Mount Oliver is a bite-sized neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s South Side. The neighborhood is not to be confused with the borough of Mount Oliver, which is located directly to the west and which, strangely, is not officially part of Pittsburgh at all, despite being entirely surrounded by the city. The neighborhood of Mount Oliver is tiny and almost exclusively residential, and as such, there’s not too terribly much to blog about. But I’ll sure give it a shot.

mountainous oliver

Mount Oliver is pretty hilly. The red pickup looked like it could have tumbled down the hill with a strong wind.

one stop mount oliver house-porn and garden tour

Most of the homes in Mount Oliver are tidy frame houses spaced evenly on hills. The following house, however, is the jewel of the neighborhood.

old school buildings in mount oliver

Near the old St. Joseph’s church (now the home of Potter’s House Ministries) sits an old school complex. Both buildings are pretty old and are abandoned.

parting shot: mount oliver

That was quick. The picture above was taken at the top of the hill on Ormsby Street, named for John Ormsby, a Major in the French and Indian War, who received a land-grant for the land in 1763 from George III. The Mount Olivers (town and neighborhood) are named for his son…Oliver.

To get an idea of how small the neighborhood is, look at the above picture: See the motorcycle on the left? It’s sitting in front of Lauterbach’s Cafe, a bar, that is located at the border of Mount Oliver borough. So everything past the bike is actually the borough. And behind me? 50 yards more of Ormsby Street and then you get into the St. Clair neighborhood. So for serious, the neighborhood of Mount Oliver is minuscule.


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  1. debra dearold says:

    I was born and raised in mt oliver. I still live here. Even though it has changed drastically I still love it. It is in my blood. I just wish the people who now live here would care for it the way we did many years ago. It was a great place to grow up. I am 56 years old.

    • Frances Roell says:

      I totally agree with you. Breaks my heart to see these changes:(

    • Catherine (Jobes) says:

      Lived in Mt Oliver, went to St Joes school, Married at St Joe,s Church, moved away and after 50 yrs., back again to care for my sister. Margaret St, has changed dramatically in the time I was gone. So many houses uncared for as well as St, Joe,s Church and school. The property looks so neglected and it breaks my heart. I spent from morning till night playing softball at Transverse Park and as I drive by I see hardly any kids there. Of course all the old neighbors have passed away or moved, but I did meet some new ones that I like. I have so many good memories of growing up in Mt. Oliver and now that I have returned, I hope to have more good memories

      • Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

        Went to school with Peggy. A friend sent me her obituary. You have my deepest sympathy. And yes, it is sad that nothing in Mt. Oliver is what it once was: warm, organized, busy, pleasant, cared for.

      • Scott Schmitt says:

        looking for a butcher that worked at the A & P in Mt Oliver in 1960s

  2. Frances Roell says:

    Just for the record it’s Ormsby Ave not St.

    • Mary Pack says:

      Yay! Thank you for the clarification! It is Ormsby Ave! My grandfathers store/home was on Ormsby! Tubbys! I ADORED Mt. Oliver, some of my favorite childhood memories are from that area. My maiden name is Pack, my grandfather was Norman, my dad William his brothers are/were Norman & Jim. I’d love to hear from anyone who knew them. Thx.

      • Dan McAfee says:

        There used to be a Pack Street which is now Church Street just a block South of Ormsby. There were lots of Packs in that neighborhood. My mom’s maiden name was also Pack.

      • david says:


        My grandparents (John and Loretta Kelly) lived on Fisher just behind Saint Josephs. I remember walking down to Tubbys for a 5 cent ice cream cones and penny candy many years ago. They were great times and great memories.

        Thanks for sharing.

        David Ruskauff

      • donna says:

        i remember coming home from st josephs school and passing by tubby’s, we would always stop in and get a cherry coke which tubby charged a nickel for. old memories

      • Diane says:

        I grew up in Mt. Oliver but now live in England. I remember Tubby’s store so well from when I was growing up. Your grandfather was always so kind to me. He was so friendly to all the children in the neighborhood. Do you have any photos of the store from when he ran it?

      • James Sell says:

        I used to buy my candy and ice cream from Tubby’s store. I knew the whole Pack family as they lived across the street from me on St. Joseph’s St. Only Jimmy is left. My brother talked to him about a month ago. JIM

      • Barbara Lackovic says:

        Hi, Just found this site and will be sharing with my Mom. age 88 who grew up in “.Mt.Oliver. I went to St. Jos. grade school. My Aunt was a HS cheerleader there. I visited “Tubby’s” often and can see your grandfather clearly behind the counter in my memory. I worked with Patty at the water company. She and Jim came to my wedding. So many treasured childhood memories of Mt. Oliver as I remember it. Please say Hi to Patty and Jim for me and if she would like to send me an e mail that would be super. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

      • Maureen Campbell says:

        Hi Mary, I remember your dear grandfather and grandmother so well…Tubby and Aggie. I grew up in Mt Oliver in the late 1950s- early 1970s. What a great place it was…so vibrant and active! I remember your uncle Jimmy too….all the girls loved him….what a cutie! That was the place to go to buy chipped ham, vanilla cokes, bread and milk and of course penny candy when we were younger. As we became teems we always hoped the cute guys would be working for hanging out ther she we stopped by…..I have visited your grandparents graves at the former St Joes cemetery and remember them with a smile! Are any of your uncles still living?

      • Rose Marie Burke says:

        Hello Mary, My great-grandmother was Marie Pack, who married Chris Pack, and they lived in Mt. Oliver too. My great aunts Emma and Marcella (Sally) Pack lived there too even after they became married. My grandmother Marie Pack lived in Mt. Oliver/Knoxville in the last decades of her life.

      • Joe Medziue says:

        I have a great picture of your grandfather. Please reply with your e-mail if you want a copy.

      • Mary Pack says:

        I’d love a photo of my Grandpap!

      • Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

        Good grief! I went to school with a Norman Pack–St. Joseph’s. I’m not sure I remember Tubby’s. There was a Bronder’s confectionary store (candy, bread, pop), and a Bronder’s Meat Market. Norm was a friend of Tommy Gatz, Howard Lewis, Donald Pferderhirt. So long ago. If you are Norman’s granddaughter, I hate to think how young you are!!!!!!!!!

      • John Farabaugh says:

        I grew up on the street over from Tubbys store on Church Ave. We always stopped at Tubbys for a soda and chips.Your grandfather was good fair guy. I remember Jim helping out on some days and he wax always very nice to the kids.

        It was so much fun growing back in the late 60s into the early 70s in Mt Oliver.. That area would have never been the same without Tubbys store.
        John Farabaugh

      • Chris Hartz says:

        We lived on Church Ave and one of our neighbors was an older woman named Mrs Pack. This was in the 1960s through 1977. Any relation?

      • I came online to look for any info on Rudys Submarines after having a conversation about the old days. I think about their hoagies often. They were the best sandwiches hands down! (The shaved lettuce & white onions, the spicy ham, the crispy cheese around the edges and the dressing OMG) But when I saw the Pack name I wondered if there was any connection to Packs bar next to Rudys Subs in the 70’s. I remember being with my dad and seeing a motorcycle blast out of the rear door of the bar. Crazy! Also…Rodlers Hotel, Andys bar, Little Giant, A&P, Eds Hobby shop, Mt Oliver pet shop, The big bucket KFC sign, The Hilltop after hours club, The Sylvania TV sales/repair, Hernons Jewelers, Enelows & S&S Shoes, Kullmans, Hahns furniture(once Sears), GC Murphys, Mikes Lunch, Angelos Pizza! Mt Oliver was once so vibrant!

      • Norma P Sletson says:

        Norma Pack Sletson…Tubby was my grandpap’s cousin…Ted (Clarence) Pack

  3. billie says:

    I am a present Council member here in Mt. Oliver and was born and raised in the South Side and I wouldn’t want what South Side has right now here in our borough. For a true understanding on the heart and soul of this neighborhood people need to come and get involved in the new visions of what Mt. Oliver can be again. For anyone interested in taking part in all of the positive things that we’re doing for our residents so that they can one day call their community HOME once again please contact Billie at the Mt. Oliver Borough Building at 412-431-8107. It takes a team to take back their memories of what it once was. Can you be part of our team?

    • John says:

      Your team members make the news regularly. The stats tell a clear picture alongside of the news stories.
      I’d love to see it change, but my eyes are dim and I can’t see it. The majority of the established businesses are gone. Even the banks pulled out. The so-called improvements of the mid 90’s created a vacuum that rapidly drained what life was left from the business district. Sure, your predecessors made M.O. “Pedestrian friendly.” But at what cost? Parking was sacrificed. The parking spaces removed 30 years ago devastated the business district. And now the pedestrians are not friendly. They assault and kill. And MO gets in the news again.

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  5. Dev Fosbrink (nee Klinkenberger) says:

    My parents grew up in Mt. Oliver….Klinkenberger/Leister and used to tell us stories. My Grandmother had a store (Klinkenberger Confectionery) on Spring Street. I do genealogy and love learning about the history behind our families. We have Pack’s in our line but not the ones listed above. I’m sure were connected somewhere!

  6. Billie Michener says:

    I have lived in Mt. Oliver since 1986 and I love it. I am originally from the So. Side and when people talk about all the negative things in Mt. Oliver i can only compare it to all the problems that I don’t have if I still lived in So. Side. If you think about it no matter where anyone has grown up those
    communities will never ever be the same as it was. It’s true when someone commented about not
    getting Mt. Oliver Borough mixed up with Mt. Oliver City. I am offend when people say negative things about where Ii live and I would only hope that these people would come to a Council meeting which is held every third Monday of the month at 7:30 to hear about all the good changes that we have been making with many more to come in the next two years.
    We also have a tremendous bunch of residents who participate in our Block Group meetings which are held at our Fire Hall every second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.

  7. Maureen (Rene) Donnelly, Mauro says:

    Maureen Donnelly says I also was raised and grew up in Mt. Oliver, I grew up on Church Ave, just steps away from the the borough “swimming pool” such sweet memories. I also went to school from 1st grade to 8th grade with the same class mates all those years, it was great, we all were one big “family” . Then after school, we all would run home, get dressed and play with the same kids you went to school and church with, how awesome is that!!! truely the best little community to grow up in.

  8. Judy says:

    Its obvious you didnt do your homework on your blog about Mt.Oliver Borough. You missed Transverse park, and all the homes located in that area. The picture you show is Ormsby AVENUE, the main street in Mt.Oliver that runs all the way to Brownsville road. Ormsby AVENUE is one of just hundreds of other streets, alleys, homes, and businesses that were worth mentioning in your so called blog. The picture of the “jewel” house is not even located in Mt. Oliver Borough, it is acutally located on the corner of Gorgas and Fisher Streets which is located in the City of Pittsburgh. Visit some homes on Giffin Avenue near Transverse Park, and there you will find some gems. The picture of ” a hill, and red pickup” was taken in the old St. Joseph School parking lot, looking down onto Gorgas and Otilla Streets that are located in the City of Pittsburgh. Mt. Oliver’s geography is actually marked as semi-hilly, no floodplains. Maybe you should have taken pictures of Mt. Oliver Borough, and not the City of Pittsburgh. I grew up in Mt. Oliver, and went to St. Joesph school and church. I spent all my summers at ormsby swimming pool, and transverse park for summer camp. Friends i have to this day are my friends that i grew up with in Mt. Oliver. Mt. Oliver was a great place to grow up. Mt. Oliver has changed over the years, but is still trying to thrive as a small community on a small budget. If you work in the city, Mt. Oliver is a great place to either rent or buy, as it is just minutes from downtown. Mt. Oliver Borough is the only Borough that is surrounded by the City of Pittsburgh, and the sections that surround our Borough are filled with crime, poverty and people who have no respect for themselves or property. Until our city is cleaned up, Mt. Oliver will have to deal with all the overflow filth, as well as misconceptions such as the ones portrayed in your blog entry. Even though we may appear miniscule in area, we make up
    for it with our abundance of community volunteers, which makes Mt. Oliver a great place to live.

  9. Dave Haines says:

    I lived on Ormsby Ave between 1958 and 1965. I attended St. Joseph Schools for 12 years. I spent most of my summers in the Mt. Oliver Pool and fondly remember walking with my dog Laddie down to Tubbie’s to get a cherry coke. There were stories of Schmidty’s bar owner passing whiskey from an upper story window across the alley to a nun at the window in St. Joseph’s convent next door. The nuns would leave the bottles on a chair for the priest who came to serve Mass in their chapel at 5am the next morning.(Forgive me sisters if this story is apocryphal). The basement of one of the school buildings contained a “Lyceum” where all the locals could bowl duck pins and get a brew on Sunday, back when all the other bars were closed. I recall going to Bronder’s store on the corner of Ottilia and Ormsby after school. I remember going to the High School dance on Friday nights, then going with my girlfriend up to Mike’s Lunch afterwards for some good and greasy cheese burgers. I had a paper route all over the streets of Mt. Oliver and could retrace my route even now. It’s sad that St. Joseph’s church and school are no more, though the structures are still there. As I type this, firemen are putting out a fire that destroyed several homes on Ormsby Ave. But nothing will destroy the fond memories I have of this little enclave on the hills above Pittsburgh.

    • My dad used to tell me stories just like this! Its nice to hear them again, I appreciate the memories. I too used to go to that pool when I was a kid, my dad Bill Pack went to St. Joe’s, he worked in my Grandfathers Tubbys store, I have to wonder if it wasn’t my dad who got you that cherry coke! I was born in 1964, my grandparents lived above the store until the mid 80’s, I love that building, I loved Mt. Oliver, it was/is truly a special place. Thanks so much for sharing your story!
      Mary Alice Pack

      • Carol Kaltenbaugh says:

        My grandfather was born in a house on Ormsby Avenue in the late 1800s, so I have a long history with Mount Oliver. Many of the places you’ve mentioned in this blog bring back sweet memories, although I don’t recognize your names. I lived on Fisher Street as a baby, then my parents moved out “past the carline” as my grandmother would say, and then out of the state, but we visited often. My grandparents lived on Church Avenue, and some aunts, uncles and cousins lived on St. Joseph’s Street. Some of my favorite 1950s childhood memories are sitting on my relatives’ porches listening to cars go over the rumbly brick streets, going to Tubby’s and Russell’s (??) and Bronder’s markets, going “up the street” to Brownsville Road, listening to the St. Joseph’s church bells, standing on Otilla Street and watching kids swim, seeing my cousin in a musical play at St. Joe’s H.S., and attending cousins’ weddings at the church. One of my uncles used to talk about going to the Lyceum. I have lived out of the state most of my life, but that picture on the blog looking down Ormsby is as familiar to me as where I live now. So nice to hear all of your stories and your connections with Mount Oliver.

  10. Betty says:

    Lived in Mt Oliver 1971-1977 on Parkwood Road then was directly, down the hill, from Penn Ave. City police, city taxes.

  11. Kari says:

    Mary Alice, We used to go to Pack’s for penny candy on the way home from school. We walked to and from Knoxville Jr High. My first job was scrubbing the floor, (on my hands and knees), behind the meat counter at Bronder’s, once a week, for $1.50. I think I was 14 years old.
    Carol K, I think Russell’s is Taft’s Market, corner of St. Joseph and Otillia streets, right?

    • Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

      Once upon a time in the 40s, it was called The Green Front. There was considerable wood around the entrance and the whole was painted a front porch green.

  12. Billie says:

    I was born and raised on the South Side and I have never heard of a small neighborhood called Mt. Oliver. Could you advise me of the exact location of Mt. Oliver? I now live in Mt. Oliver Borough and can say that I am really proud to be here. I wouldn’t want all of the issues that South Side is faced with today. I hope people are not confusing the facts that there are a few streets at the end of Church Ave, St. Joe’s and Penn that is referred to as Mt. Oliver City. As far as I know there is nothing on the flats of South Side that is called Mt. Oliver unless it has been renamed in the last 10-20 years.

  13. Eileen Unger says:

    My great grandfather lived in Mt Oliver from the time he emigrated to the US from Germany in 1855. My great grandmother was born in Mt Oliver in 1844. My great grandparents lived in Mt Oliver at 131 Penn Ave all their married lives as did most of their children and some of their grandchildren. My great grandfather is buried in St Michaels Cemetery in Mt Oliver and my great grandmother in the St Joseph section of St John Vianney Cemetery in Mt Oliver. I’d love to connect with someone who might have known or been related to the family.

  14. Carol Kaltenbaugh says:

    Eileen Unger – My great-grandparents were likewise immigrants from Germany in the mid-1800s, but the details are a little sketchy, and I would love to know more. There were two houses on Ormsby where members of the Hoffmann family lived, but they are both gone. Wish I had asked lots more questions when the older generations were still alive. Many of my family are buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery on Brownsville Road, same as your great-grandmother. I checked Google Street View … I have passed your family’s home on Penn Avenue many many times, although not in years. We’re not related but our families probably knew each other way back. *** Kari – Yes, Russell’s which became Taft’s are the markets I’m remembering. Google street view shows it now as Charlottes. By the way, it also shows that the old building by the swimming pool at the top of Church Avenue is no longer there. Lots of memories at that pool. *** My mother used to tell me that the windows in St. Joseph’s gym were blacked out during WWII. She remembered running down the hill to her home on Church Avenue during air raid drills in the 40s – she would have been in her early 20s.

    • Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

      Yes, the gym windows were blacked out with paint during WW II. Kids also collected newspapers and tin for the war effort. I can remember the collection point was at the Boiler House at the end of the convent garden. I think that corner was Church St. and Cathedral. We had air raid drills.

  15. Eileen Unger says:

    My great grandmother had an aunt that married a Hoffman. I don’t know what street they lived on because the 1880 census didn’t list streets. It only listed Lower St Clair, Mt Oliver. In the 1880 census John D Hoffman was a widower and was 72 years old, but his descendants stayed in Mt Oliver. He was married to Margaretha Bronder. Nine chances out of ten we are related somehow. If you want to contact me direct, you can email

  16. Eileen Unger says:

    Sorry darn keyboard!

  17. Elaine says:

    I was also born and raised in Mt. Oliver on St Joseph st and went to Mt Oliver School. I have many memories of Tubbys. .. I would go home from school for lunch and my mom would leave me 25 cents to stop at Tubbys on my way back to school for a coke and a bag of chips, and bought penny candy with the left over change. All the cool boys would loaf there and play pinball machines in the back or go up to the block and play basketball or baseball in the Mt Oliver School field. Also remember Taft’s market on the corner or St Joseph St and Otillia although I think it was called the Green Door market back then (50’s). I can still remember the wooden floors and the meat counters. Spent all summer at the swimming pool and always went to Transverse Field for the 4th of July fireworks and of course all us kids went to the Mt Oliver Theatre for 17 cartoons and a horror flim. What a great place to grow up. Too bad the person who wrote this piece got so much incorrect. Anything outside of Mt Oliver Borough was the City of Pittsburgh. There is no neighborhood of Mt Oliver next to the Borough. You either lived in the City or Mt Oliver Borough.

    • Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

      I lived on Fisher Street and you are correct. Kids either lived in 16th Ward City or the Borough. Glad to know that the Green Front Market was green in the 50s. I knew it was in the late 40s.

  18. Eileen Unger says:

    The John Hoffman who was married to my great grand aunt did live on Ormsby Ave.

  19. Barbara Mulkern Lackovic says:

    Ohh My Gosh Cathy! I can’t believe it’s you! You and I were playmates when I stayed at my grandparents back in the 50’s. They lived at 615 Margaret St. I remember you well and your sister “Wee-wee”. Most especially your bright, sunny home that was so welcoming, and the short cut you and I would take to Transverse Park. I live in the Orlando area now but if you remember me (Barbie-My granparents were Bill and Bert Knerr) it would be wonderful to re-connect. I will keep your sister in my prayers.

  20. Bob Hickly says:

    I also remembers going to Tubbies for a coke and to play the pinball machine.Really great folks. Myself and my brothers Bill and Don also attended St Joseph Grade and High School, I was broken hearted to see whats happened to the naborhood while I have been gone for the last 50 years or so.I would think I know a lot of the people who have responded here also, some may even be family.

  21. Ed says:

    Many people who grew up in M.O. are on a facebook group called “you know you are from Mt.Oliver…. check it out

  22. Jean Tuskin Gallaher says:

    I lived at 428 Fisher St at Bronders Upstairs with my Brothers Eddie and Bobbi Tuskin The Old Maids lived across the Street… Anna always yelled at us HA!! Always called the POLICE!!
    I missed the good old days there ….. Jean ….. Ruthie Bronder was my best friend there!!! Where did the years go?? Loved St Joseph school and Church.

  23. Eileen says:

    My great grandmother was a Anna Bronder who married Michael Eckert. I feel sure that Ruthie Bronder is a descendant of my great grandmother’s family.

  24. Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

    Oh Jean, for heaven sakes, it’s good to see you online. We went to school together. I’m Anna Marie Stubenrauch Mulvihill. We lived at 718 Fisher. You lived on Pliney Way. Iris Suess and I often talk of the old days and, of course, we remember you.

    • Jean Tuskin Gallaher says:


    • Barbara Herrlich Dunham says:

      Is Iris still living in Pa?

  25. Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

    Lizzie was probably younger than we are now. Isn’t that something? There was some asphalt paving in front of Lizzie’s house which was ideal for roller skates. Most of Mountain Street was cobble or brick. Shirley Brennen and a lot of us used to annoy Lizzie with our skating. We have all scattered from Pgh. I’m in Vienna, VA.

    • Carol Kaltenbaugh says:

      Anna Marie — My parents Bob and Ruth (Hoffmann) Hohman lived on the lower floor of the Hickey’s residence on Fisher Street from 1948 until 1952 — I lived there until I was 2. The Hickey family had two boys, and one was “Denny” — my mother used to talk of them fondly. Wish I could remember more. I am now in Fairfax, Va. so we’re neighbors sort of. Would love to meet you for coffee and chat about our memories. I have found interesting family connections on this website (Eileen Unger).

      • Mike Hickey says:

        Carol, I just saw your comment and wanted to reply. My parents Fred and Mildred (Reis) Hickey lived upstairs at 433 Fisher St. They lived there until 1983 when they moved to Whitehall. Likewise, I remember them mentioning the Hohman’s as wonderful people. My older brother, Denny lives near Irwin PA and I live in Murrysville PA. I used to live in Springfield VA next to Fairfax before moving back to the Pittsburgh area. We have many good memories of Mount Oliver, St Joseph Parish, Tubbies and even Lizzie Hale. Generations of families (many German) made MO a tight community.
        My grandfather’s brother (John Reis) built the house shown in this blog. It was later sold to the Glade family. My grandfather (Nick Reis) built the house where you were born at 433 Fisher St. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

  26. Caitlin McCloud says:

    I really enjoy reading all of these memories of people who have lived in Mt. Oliver. I will be doing a project in Mt. Oliver to bring the community together. What would be your suggestions of how to bring the community together? What could you recommend to myself on how I can truly get to know the people of Mt. Oliver. To me, it is more than a temporary project. To me, this project means lifelong relationships with people in Mt. Oliver.

  27. Gail says:

    Does anyone remember the name of the women’s clothing store in brownsville road in the 1960s. Not fashion hosiery but the other one

    • Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

      Gail, I was interested in the answer to your question. Maybe no one remembers. I do remember Fashion Hosiery very well but until you mentioned it, it was in the back drawer of memory. As to your question, was the women’s clothing store you remember on Brownsville on the same side of the street as F.H.? Was it located past F.H. and close to Hoffmann’s Pharmacy (Drug Store)–I don’t even remember which since we just said Hoffmann’s? I remember a woman’s clothing store there as late as 1956. It may or may not have been called Roselie’s. Could that have been it?

      • Barbara Herrlich Dunham says:

        Anna Marie, Jean Tuskin Gallagher, Leah Grill Archibegue , you wer classmates of mine. I am Barbara Herrlich Dunham,.. Class of 52. I live in Ca. How many others are on here. I am enjoying all the great memories from long ago. There is a group I have joined “you know you are from Mt. Oliver if ” . There are almost 1000 members with old pictures of Brownsville R and area. You might enjoy that.

      • Bill Tusch says:

        There used to be a ladies dress store on the corner by Woolworth’s, I think the name was Lizzy Shafer’s. I left Mt. Oliver in 1964 and now live in San Diego. I have visited often over the years. I always remember it being a very close community. I work a year or so at Mike’s Lunch before leaving. I can remember all the kids coming in on Friday night after the school dances.

        Bill Tusch

      • Gene says:

        Rosalia shop I believe, men’s store across the street next to Nickle’s News.
        I lived at the other side of the borough, near Arlington Ave.. It was a nice twon in the 60’s, but it’s gone the route of many other mill towns.

    • Devorah Fosbrink (nee Klinkenberger) says:

      Hi Gail. I have a picture of a women’s hat store called Miss E. Schaffer, Millinery. She was an employer of my great grandmother, Anna (nee Hannen) Leister, wife of John A. Leister. Not sure where exactly the store was.

      • Barbara dunham says:

        Shaffer Millinery was on the corner of Sherman St. And Brownsville Road.

  28. Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

    Of course, I remember you Barbara. Sometimes I think I do better remember those old times and names than names from five years ago. Imagine your living in California! How scattered we all are. VA where I am is not so far from Pgh., but we never go there except for weddings and funerals. Thanks for the tip on the Mt. Oliver site. It’s only after we have roamed far and wide that we fully appreciate how good we had it. Lots of high school classes had reunions. I think our class had one which I think Fran Gelston organized that I wasn’t able to make. It’s fun to touch base again. So glad you are tuned in. By the way, Leah Grill and I were in first grade together.

  29. Barbara Herrlich Dunham says:

    It’s been a long time! Last trip to Pgh , several years ago, I met up with Jeannie Walter Yeager, Sylvia Bauer Bender, Audrey Amman Zary, and Joan Heilman (can’t remember married name) . When Sylvia and Joan came to the door, they made me guess who was who. I got it wrong. It was nice to catch up with them . Except for Audrey I hadn’t seen anyone since I moved out of state in 54. Audrey and I took a cruise to Alaska together a year or so ago.

  30. Diane Knerr Buzon says:

    Diane Knerr Buzon says:

    Hi Barbie – You and I are 2nd cousins. Uncle Bill and Aunt Bert, plus Kathryn and your mom, I all remember fondly, plus playing with you on the times we visited them. I’m Uncle Joe and Aunt Dot’s daughter, plus there’s also my brother, Joe. I do remember Uncle Bill and Aunt Bert didn’t make my wedding 2/7/70, because their granddaughter was also getting married that day – you? We live in Baldwin Boro now, but I still am in Mt. Oliver 2-3 times a week, it’ll always be “home” to me.

  31. Barbara Lackovic says:

    Hi Diane,
    I remember you fondly and it’s wonderful hearing from you!!!. One of my favorite photo memories of the good old days is a family picnic at S. Park around 1950. I was about 4 and you were about 2. It was always fun to get together and I loved your Mom and Dad (Aunt Dot and Uncle Joe). I’ve lived in Fl. since 1990 but go home to visit my Mom (age 90) and sisters once a year. Sadly, My Aunt Kathryn died in 2012. I would love to see you when I visit in June. It was my sister Sharon’s wedding the same day as yours on 2/7/70. I know Mt. Oliver has changed so much but I will forever be endeared to it as my heart holds so many dear memories. I took my grand daughter on a grand tour of Margaret St. and St. Jos. church several years ago. I will tell my Mom I heard from you. She will be so excited!
    Please stay in touch. My e mail is

  32. John says:

    Ok, thanks for all the info folks, but, now I am totally confused……we have the neighborhood of Mt. Olver, that is NOT in Mt. Oliver Boro, which, is surrounded by the city, but, not in it, and I live on mt. Olier st. and am in neither, but, actually part of the city?????? Can someone help me out here or is this just nutz? I mean I love it, it’s Pittsburgh for sure, we do it our way, I just wanted to share., thanks. John.

    • Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

      The Mt. Oliver part which people recognize as Mt. Oliver but is not in the Boro is 16th Ward, City of Pittsburgh.

  33. Elaine says:

    I grew up n Mt Oliver in the 50’s and 60’s. At that time there was Mt oliver Borough. If you lived outside of the Borough, you live in the City of Pittsburgh. I dont know when the Neighborhood of Mt Oliver” came to be or if it really exists. Surrounding the Borough of Mt Oliver were the neighborhoods of Knoxville, carrick, Allentown, St Clair Village, Southside, all part of the City of Pittsburgh. I think Mt Oliver street would have been part of the neighborhood known as Allentown.

  34. Paul Bauer says:

    I lived on Walde St. in the city, went to St. Joes, class of ’61 and used to sneak into the pool. I always considered myself from Mt. Oliver even as I worked in cities throughout the country. We returned to the area and live in Brentwood.
    Growing up, the younger kids would hang out at Maggie’s store just across from Schmitty’s (which became Lauterbachs) mainly because the older kids hung out at Tubbies, which was then on the corner of Ottilia & Ormsby. As we became the older kids, we moved to Tubbies and when he moved to the bottom of Ormsby (previously Seemiller’s and Koenig’s) we moved too. Spent many hours playing pin ball machines, then basketball at the courts. I went to school with Jim and knew Norm and Billy very well. All were (and Jim still is) great people.
    Prior to Mt. Oliver becoming a Boro and the beginning of St, Joseph’s parish, the area was named the “Village of Mt. Oliver” in “Lower St. Clair Township”. Catholics went to St. Michaels and early(ca 1860-1880) baptismal and marriage certificates listed peoples residences as “Brondersville”.
    My early ancestors were Magdalena Birk, Jacob Bronder, Phillip Weinheimer, Andreas Scheirer whose descendants married Schuetz, Lauterbach, Bauer, Didion, Trainor, Kneidler, Gonzalez, Goldbach, Dilla, Hoffman, Spinnenweber and hordes of others…so in some way, we are all related, either by blood or marriage in Brondersville.

  35. Elizabeth Deithorn says:

    Spinnenweber caught my eye. Rose and Al…ring any bells?

    • David Ruskauff says:

      My mother, Kathleen Kelly, was good friends with a Marge Spinnenwebber I believe.

      My mother grew up on Fisher.

      Sent from my iPhone


    • Paul Bauer says:

      Al “Spinny” drove a milk truck in the 50’s (?). They lived on Walde ST. before moving to either Church Ave or Anthony St. He was the bartender at the Tubbies reunion held about 1986 in St. Joes gym.

      • Betty Deithorn says:

        Related to my mom somehow. They used to come out to Library and visit. Always a surprise and on Sundays. Nice folks!

      • Regis Will says:

        Anthony St. Across the street from me. Regis Will , 333 Anthony St

      • Paul Bauer says:

        How are you Rege. Haven’t seen you in years.

      • Regis Will says:

        I am doing well and live in the south hills, Washington Co. What about you and your brothers. I saw Becky an Bob with Chunk at South Hills Village about a year ago. It was nice to see them.

      • Paul Bauer says:

        Rege, email me at for details.

      • filmshrew says:

        I loved that reunion! I was just looking at pictures of my grandparents just the other day… I just lost my mom so it was bittersweet to see the photos and look back. It was such a lovely simpler time, Tubby and Aggie were grandma and grandpap to me, I had so much fun there with them in their house, in that store. I love it when people share their stories about the store!

  36. Betty Deithorn says:

    We moved to Parkwood Rd in 1971.

    • Karla J. Voigt says:

      I remember you! (Well, maybe not you, but being at your house) I used to play with your daughter when we were teenie tiny. I lived at 437 Parkwood Rd.

  37. ERj says:

    I have all kinds of questions!

    Do grapes grow in this area?

    Any wineries ever up on Mount Oliver?

    I saw grapes on a mural on Brownsville road and I saw a “Grape” street name.

    I am curious to know why there’s a cathedral street, but Saint Joseph church was never a cathedral right?

    Then why is Saint Joseph Church on Ormsby Ave and not on Saint Joseph street?

    It would also be interesting to know about the families on Saint Joseph Street.

    Does anyone know anything about any of the unusual houses on Saint Joseph Street and Mountain Avenue and when they were built?

    • Paulette Buchignani says:

      Historically the Knoxville area was world renowned for it’s wine. And Strawberries. Jeremiah Knox resided there in the early part of the nineteenth century, and established a fruit farm on the site. Strawberries grown at the farm were particularly well known. The location of Knoxville, on the second ridge from the Monongahela River, was a desirable location because it was shielded from the smoke emanating from the factories and mills of the South Side. Knox began to subdivide his farm for residential development in 1872.

      • RAM says:

        St Joseph Mt Oliver held their 50th Class Reunion this summer at the Crowne Plaza South Hills Village .I believe around 36+ Classmates from throughout the USA + spouses and others attended a very well planned 3 day event. I attended( Bob Mason who graduated in 1965) with my wife Jane Schultz Mason who Graduated in 1966. I could add much more but enough for now + many memories of Giffin Ave and Margaret Street where we grew up on and lived for many years before moving and Tubbys, many other hang outs and friends.

      • erj says:

        Thanks for info on Knoxville history of its beginnings. I wonder if any original grapevines have survived.
        What streets actually border or define Knoxville?

      • Debbie Wilhelm Sims says:

        Jucunda Street was named after the strawberries from Knox Farm which is now Knoxville school, now closed. I believe the farm went all the way to were Mc Donalds is. Actually the Knox homestead was where the school is. I live on Orchard Place which was an apple orchard. I believe Rochelle and Zara Streets were named after the grapes that were grown there for the wine.

  38. Robert Hickly says:

    Who else attended the reunion? I didn’t know they were having one.

  39. Betty Deithorn says:

    Doreen used to babysit Kim (now 44) and Gretchen (41). Loved your family! When we moved in we were just 21 and Hugh was 23. Young for the neighborhood…then. LOL Still in touch with Buechels.

  40. George Santi says:

    Around 1964 I walked into the coat room in Saint Joe’s school it was before 8 o’clock in the morning and I saw a rope coming out of the ceiling . I was always curious what this rope was for so I pulled on no I jumped on it and it jerked me up it was the school bell and everybody said did you hear that it was the bell ringing I think I ring it for the first time . In 50 years . My name is George Santi I live in West Palm Beach Florida I am 61 years old . Does anyone remember a candy store on Mountain Street call Benny Kings . I had two sisters that were married in St. Joseph’s and we did all our sacraments there . I remember going to all the bars with my father sitting on the barstools drinking cokes eating potato chips and SlimJim’s . My father was the sign painter and made all the neon signs for the bars and he worked in the steel mills he had two jobs . I remember helping the nuns move their stuff from the old convent to the New convent . Does anybody remember sister Frederick the principal .l used to live on Fisher Street in Saint Clair Village then we move to Walnut and Locust right up the street from Mike’s lunch. I remember going to school with Howard Farnsworth they owned the funeral home . My friend Larry Shotting and I used to shoot a BB gun at Saint Joe’s church bells trying to ring him . I was the kid you don’t want your kid to hang with . I take phone calls my number is 561-358-4490 Eastern time

    • Nikki Gillespie says:

      This is the first entry that refers to Fisher St. in St. Clair Village. My family lived there from around 1957 to 1964. Feels like much longer. The Mt. Oliver stories are bringing back memories that I didn’t know I had. I moved back to Pgh 2 years ago and having lived in IL. for most of my life, I only have the one sister still here with her family. I hope to keep reading these blogs. Maybe I’ll find an old friend, or a new one.

  41. Anna Marie Mulvihill says:

    Benny King’s in the “olden days” before your time was owned by Mr. & Mrs. Schlesinger. My mother insisted that I address them that way. Other kids called Mrs. Schlesinger, Ruth. As I recall, Benny bought after the War (that’s WW II). He expanded the store by a room to the left of the door.

  42. Carol Hohman Kaltenbaugh says:

    Mike Hickey – I check this website every few months and enjoy the stories and seeing names I used to hear my relatives mention. I was astounded to see that you had responded to my note about living in your family’s house on Fisher Street in the early 50s! When visiting Pittsburgh over the years I’ve driven by Fisher Street to try to remember which house it was, based on old photos, and now I know for sure. I’m trying to find a few pictures from that time in my life … seems that I remember seeing you and your brother in at least one. And I had a picture of my dad digging out the car during a massive winter snowstorm, probably in ’51. Here’s a question: was there ever a chicken coop or something like that in the back yard of either your house or the neighbor’s property? I have a very faint recollection of being near it, but it may be my imagination. And you lived in Springfield VA – was that during school, or did you work near here? I’d love to know about your young years in Mt. Oliver and how you are now. My brother and sister weren’t born yet when we lived there, but they had often heard from my late parents talk about the Hickeys on Fisher Street. There was no place near your note to reply so I hope you see this way at the end of the blog. My email:

  43. DUFF says:


  44. Elaine says:

    If u are talking about the corner of PennAve and Hays Ave, it was an A&P grocery store

  45. Mike says:

    I grew up on Burr St..My family actually still live there…I never see any Mt Oliver cops back there…Now I no why…

  46. Stephanie Trainor says:

    Hi, I am Stephanie Trainor (51) – daughter of Dan and Sandy Trainor (FUCHS) grandparents: Laverne and Al Fuchs, (Holzer Street) Rosella and Regis Trainor (Trainor’s Bar and grill top of Hayes Avenue. I went to kindergarten at Mt. Oliver public school then moved to Massachusetts. I loved Raciopies (forgive the spelling) and Tubbies -but Rasciopis was closer 🙂 Thanks for your posts.


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