Highland Park

Highland Park is a neighborhood in the northeastern part of Pittsburgh and it is a beautiful one. There are scores of gorgeous 100 year old homes, hundreds of acres of parks, a small business district etc. The neighborhood also features the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, located at: One, Wild Place, thereby making it the best addressed zoo in America.

the park

Looking south from the jogging path that circles the Reservoir No. 1. Towards the center of the picture you can see two pillars topped with sculptures. These bronze sculptures were designed by famed sculptor Giuseppe Moretti. They both feature young men taming horses.

enrico’s tazza d’oro

On Highland St. near the Bryant St. business district sits Enrico’s Tazza D’Oro. This place is bomb. Bike friendly, great coffee from Verve roasters in CA, tons of baked goods and a very relaxed atmosphere. My impression from the 6 minutes I was there was that it’s a hub of the neighborhood.

awesome beer store

Six and Slice has beer and pizza in a great old building adorned with a mural of Highland Park. Many good things.

potential on st. clair st

These two sets of nearly identical houses sit a few doors down from one another on St. Clair St. TLC

union project

From their website:  “Union Project’s purpose is to create connections and opportunities for learning through the arts  and through community-based programming intended to serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods…Union Project is committed to building sustainability through viable social enterprises ventures, mission-focused programs, and strong community volunteers.”

Or, if you get lost with big words, their events calendar includes stained glass classes, hula hooping, West African dance, Zumba, and Squirt Clay.

highland park: house-porn and garden tour

The following represent 1/500th of the amazing houses in Highland Park:

see more massive old houses

parting shot- highland park


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