Arlington Heights

Arlington heights is a small neighborhood on Pittsburgh’s South Side. Situated at the edge of a hill, the neighborhood is essentially composed of a housing project and open, unused fields of, well, nothing. The neighborhood is accessed from one road and has a couple dead end streets where squat brick buildings house most of the neighborhood’s residents.

arlington heights apartment buildings

There are 150 apartments in Arlington Heights and they are all in buildings like the one pictured above. Parts of the buildings are covered in graffiti, then painted over, and then covered in more graffiti.

loretto cemetery

Loretto cemetery was created in 1912 and is mainly filled with the graves of the South Side’s Slavic immigrant families. For years the cemetery was neglected and was the site of illegal dumping. This 10 year old Post-Gazette article highlighted the miserable scene at Loretto. Today, however, the place looks pretty good.

stand alones

By my count there are 4 residences in Arlington Heights that are not part of the housing project there. One of them looks like this:

And another one looks like this:

So 25% of the stand alone houses in Arlington Heights are abandoned.

view from the heights

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh’s website mentions that residents of the housing project in Arlington Heights enjoy ‘one of the most breathtaking views of Downtown Pittsburgh.’ I didn’t get up the top floors of the buildings but I imagine the view is pretty sweet.

parting shot: arlington heights

The ugly brick buildings of Arlington Heights provide enough of a bleak atmosphere, but the real shame of the neighborhood is the large fenced-off field that occupies most of the area, unused and unmaintained. The fields could easily be turned into athletic fields, or a proper park, or just about anything, but as of now, they sit empty. The shame is that the space could offer a sunny alternative to the projects, but instead, the green space in the neighborhood is fenced off.


2 Responses to Arlington Heights

  1. l says:

    the housing authority needs to buy the land back and put more housing on it its a great peice of land i was born and raised here and loved my childhood here this might solve some of the crisis of people not having anywere to live

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