east ohio street

East Ohio Street acts as the main drag of East Allegheny. Many of the buildings that line the business district (mainly in the Western part of town) date from the 1880s and feature some ornate stone and brickwork.

East Ohio Street, along with a few streets that branch from it, is home to a wide array of restaurants and bars, small shops and neighborhood services.

Amani International Coffeehouse and Cafe is home to live music on Fridays, all types of networking events, and ALL YOU CAN EAT WAFFLES (on certain days)

Bistro To-Go offers catering, cooking classes and and BYOB dining.

Max’s Allegheny Tavern has a long and storied history that is way too complicated for me to summarize so I’ll leave it to the pros. Suffice it to say they serve authentic German food in an old building that’s been a neighborhood gathering place for over a century. And anything with ‘Max’ or ‘Pollock’ in the title earns a picture on this blog:

Priory Fine Pastries has been around since 2004, but the building they’re housed in has been around since the mid 1880s when David Lytle Clark started the D.L. Clark Candy Company, makers of the Clark Bar. Owned by the same folks who own the Priory Hotel and the Grand Hall, Priory Fine Pastries makes custom cakes and has become an institution on East Ohio Street.

Frozen in Time. They freeze-dry floral arrangements. I’m not quite sure what to make of this one.

Photo Antiquities is an awesome spot that has a huge collection of all types of photographic prints…I think. When I rode by I saw this:

The ‘For Rent’ sign isn’t encouraging but I’m not sure of the status. Anyone have more info? Photo Antiquities is one in a long line of shops that make up a sort of Photo-Row on East Ohio Street. Others are Bernie’s Photo CenterPittsburgh Custom Darkroom, and the Pittsburgh Camera Exchange.

Of course, East Ohio Street and East Allegheny in general, are home to tons of other businesses, way to many to discuss here. For a more complete listing, check out the EACC’s website.

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