in lieu of a formal neighborhood post…

No time to explore a neighborhood today; I was on a 9 hour train from NYC to PGH.

I’ll cut to the chase: Since I graduated college a few years ago, I’ve wanted to live in New York. The restaurants, culture, excitement etc. I still think it’s a fantastic place. But, wow, how my feelings have changed since moving to Pittsburgh.

While riding the subway last night, I imagined the places people were heading home to and the amount of money they were paying for those places. I imagined how tiring it would be to have to look so damn cool all the time. I imagined how much extra money I’d spend monthly when Dogfish 90 Minute IPA is $8.50 a bottle, not the $4 it is here in Pittsburgh.

Riding along, pondering, I felt like I was part of a secret club. A club where $400 gets you an apartment with a balcony and a backyard in a cool part of town, where there’s no pressure to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing to look like you’re poor, where a good beer/movie/meal/art/everything doesn’t cost more than it should.

I don’t intend to malign NYC. It’s just that living in Pittsburgh gives me a whole new idea of what living in a city can, and should, be.

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3 Responses to in lieu of a formal neighborhood post…

  1. John Morris says:

    As a former resident of NYC, I couldn’t agree more.

    Now to be honest at this point, I really do give the edge to the apple. But, the key thing about a place like Pittsburgh is that you can play an active role in making it cooler–and you have the time to do it. In NY, you would be at work or hoping to hook up with a rent controled apartment or wishing your fourth roomate washed his dishes.

  2. maxpollock says:

    Great point, John- Pittsburgh’s great because there’s both untapped potential and plenty of time and space to do tapping.

  3. As a man who was born in Queens, NY, and spent his youth in the suburbs of Long Island, I can only add to the above comments: Amen.

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