parting shot: arlington

Barely legible in the above picture, ‘Last of the ’48 rail cars- 1968’ is written on the mural. The mural is joined on this building by several other murals of ‘Arlington Memories.’

Also in the above picture you can make out a few of the remaining businesses on Arlington Ave. What you can’t see in the above picture are the vacant storefronts that line many other parts of Arlington Ave. Murals of memories are great- it’s always nice to recall a place’s heyday. But what if the memories didn’t have to be just memories? Wouldn’t it be better if the mural just said ‘Arlington’ and had images of things that were happening in the neighborhood currently?

Arlington is by no means a forgotten neighborhood; people are still huddled outside of Stella’s waiting for their pizza, kids are still going nuts in Arlington Elementary’s schoolyard. True, rail cars don’t cruise up and down Arlington Ave. anymore and some of the neighborhood’s historic buildings are no longer, but wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate the life that remains in the neighborhood and take steps to ensure that things don’t just end up as more memories?

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