some housekeeping

First on the list, a big thank you to DiggingPitt for the shout-out on their blog. Somehow, someway, DiggingPitt manages to highlight cool happenings in not just Pittsburgh, but basically a massive chunk of the Rustbelt. Beyond mere event-listings, the blog is one of the best sources for intelligent commentary and discussion on urban issues in this area. It’s essentially my go-to. You should go, too.

Second on the list, a big thanks to Erick, the first commenter who is a) not my mom or one of her friends (no offense ladies, keep ’em coming) or b) not my girlfriend (ditto, Les, fire away). I especially appreciate Erick’s comment because he corrected a stupid mistake of mine. So here’s what I think: I urge you to follow the same advice that led to foiling of the Times Square bombing and this NYTimes article– If you see something, say something. A careful reader, or those with pulses, will be able to distinguish blog commenting from preventing a terrorist attack, but the idea here is to get some folks talking about what they see. If you live in Pittsburgh, there’s a 100% chance I’ll eventually write about a neighborhood that you actually live in, and there’s an equal chance that I’ll make a mistake or mischaracterization. Whether it’s mislabeling a river or using broad strokes to paint where a finer brush is needed, let me know when I’m not getting it right.

Finally, I’m trying to make the site more manageable: there are two ways to use ninetyhoods- the first is to check in periodically during the day as I update posts about that day’s neighborhood. The second is to browse the neighborhoods by clicking on the neighborhoods tab at the top of the page. The neighborhood links under the ‘categories’ list on the right are kind of lamely formatted. So remember, neighborhood tab at the top.

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