Bluff is a neighborhood directly east of Pittsburgh’s downtown. The story of Bluff starts with our man James Tustin who bought the land in the early 18th century, calling it Soho after his old neighborhood in London. Tustin’s estate, replete with flora imported from England, was at one point considered to have been ‘the most beautiful place in Pittsburgh’ according to a 1915 Pittsburgh Gazzette-Times article. (Thank the Citypaper for that nugget).

The most beautiful place in Pittsburgh got decimated in the fire of 1845 and the area was rebuilt. Factories moved in, along with rowhomes to house mill workers. As the industry and bustle of downtown expanded, the wealthy folks who had once lived in Bluff left for greener and more distant pastures.

Adversely affected by misguided urban renewal projects in the 1960s, Bluff seems to be scraping off the rust and dust of decades of neglect and establishing itself as a beautiful and livable neighborhood once again.

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