parting shot: mount oliver

That was quick. The picture above was taken at the top of the hill on Ormsby Street, named for John Ormsby, a Major in the French and Indian War, who received a land-grant for the land in 1763 from George III. The Mount Olivers (town and neighborhood) are named for his son…Oliver.

To get an idea of how small the neighborhood is, look at the above picture: See the motorcycle on the left? It’s sitting in front of Lauterbach’s Cafe, a bar, that is located at the border of Mount Oliver borough. So everything past the bike is actually the borough. And behind me? 50 yards more of Ormsby Street and then you get into the St. Clair neighborhood. So for serious, the neighborhood of Mount Oliver is minuscule.

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2 Responses to parting shot: mount oliver

  1. Mary Greenwald says:

    My grandfather had a somewhat “famous” general store (Tubbys) on what we called Ormsby Ave, it was on the corner of Ormsby and Church St. (The building is still there on the corner-thank you Google maps!) anyway, I wonder if you came across any information about it in your travels and research?
    I love your blog, as a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh you’ve given me more insight into my city, not to mention an education-I lived for a time in Mt. Oliver, we traveled through Arlington to get there, we swam at St. Clair pool (although I’m not certain if it was in the now defunct St. Clair??) Mt. Oliver, Arlington and Carrick were wonderful neighborhoods. There were church fairs in the summer, sledding in the winter, a Moose lodge seemingly on every corner, bingo, and bowling. What I remember most was the sense of community, people looked out for one another, truly a bygone era. (BTW I rode that “Rail Car” with my Grandmother, pictured on the building in Arlington; we called it a Street Car!) Thanks for reminding me that Pgh is a great place, sometimes I forget.

  2. Christine Buffkin says:

    Christine Buffkin formerly Schuler from Ormsby Ave. and Diehl from Hays Ave.
    My cousins and I grew up on Hays Avenue and we loved hanging out down at Tubbys. We would stop there everyday on the way up to mt. Oliver pool. Those were fun days and it was great living there and walking to all the stores especially G. C. Murphy’s.

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