italian connection

Many Morningsiders maintain strong connections to their Italian roots. Spigno Saturnia is a small agricultural town near Naples from which many Morningsiders emigrated. The building pictured below is a clubhouse of sorts.

(MTV’s Jersey Shore has created a whole new set of stereotypes. I usually avoid such things, but when talking about Morningside’s Italian community and showing a picture of the Italo-America Society building, I can’t help but share that the adjacent buildings are a tanning salon and a pizzeria. I remember a time when tanning salons were associated with losers of all stripes, not just Italians. Thanks a lot, MTV.)

Morningside’s Italian connections are further manifested in Joe Natoli field (who led the pre-high-school Morningside Bulldogs football team to a 30 year record of 271-19-9…DAMN), St. Raphael school and church, the John L. DelSignore Bocce Courts, and the annual Festival of St. Rocco with Italian mass, dancing and fireworks.


Joe Natoli: 271-19-9.

Joe Paterno: 394-129-3.

I mean, all I’m saying is…

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