voegtly cemetery

Another cool view from Troy Hill (the UPMC building is in the distant background)

But the view is not the coolest part about Voegtly Cemetery. In 1987, the city was beginning highway construction along East Ohio St. A backhoe was going about its business when it started to unearth strange looking material: human bone fragments. A temporary halting of the construction allowed a team of researchers to find the remains of 727 people. The remains now rest on Troy Hill with proper headstones. Read the whole bizarre story here.

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2 Responses to voegtly cemetery

  1. Judy says:

    UGH. Did they know who all these people were? What type of cemetary it was?

  2. maxpollock says:

    The people were members of the Voegtly Church that died between 1833-1861. The Voegtly Church was officially the First German United Evangelical Protestant Church and was attended by the area’s German-speaking Swiss population. The church went through several incarnations, razings, and additions, and each time the physical boundaries of the church ground changed (1849, 1911, 1950,1972, 1985) the cemetery was partially paved under or built upon.

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