Larimer is a neighborhood that has, apparently, seen better days.

William Larimer, who made his fortune in railroads in the Pittsburgh area before moving westward and founding a little town called Denver, CO, built a manor house in the area. Larimer’s daughter married James Mellon, son of Thomas (yes, that Thomas Mellon) and the land that eventually became the neighborhood of Larimer was incorporated into Mellon’s holdings. After initially being settled by German immigrants, Larimer saw an influx of Italian immigrants. So many, in fact, that the neighborhood was Pittsburgh’s original Little Italy. (Than you, wikipedia)

During the 1960s, Larimer experienced textbook white flight and now the area is home to a largely African-American population. The housing stock is beautiful, though there seem to be nearly as many abandoned properties as lived-in ones. Gang tags (as well as some gorgeous graffiti) are on many of the buildings; houses, warehouses, churches etc.

Despite the sometimes bleak atmosphere, Larimer has several public gardens with painted artwork. There are murals that adorn blighted buildings. And underneath years of neglect and decay, many of the houses and buildings still retain their original beauty

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